Regulatory Bodies

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Health Professionals such as nurses doctors, Pharmacist and many others are regulated and licensed by regulatory bodies as required by provincial legislation. All nurses are required to be licensed to practice with their designated provincial nursing regulatory body. Legal responsibility in nursing practice is becoming of greater importance as each year passes. In order to provide safe and competent nursing care an understanding of legal boundaries is very essential. It is important to know the law in one state and the authorities enforcing these laws. VITAL ROLE OF REGULATORY BODIES

* To ensure the public’s light to quality health care service. * To support and assist professional members.
* Set and enforce standards of nursing practice.
* Monitor and enforce standards for nursing education.
* Monitor and enforce standards of nursing practice.
* Set the requirements for registration of nursing professionals. Nursing regulatory bodies also known as colleges or associations, are responsible for the licensing of nurses with in their respective provinces territory. The Nursing Regulatory bodies receives their authority from legislation. MAJOR TYPES OF REGULATORY

* The central government.
* The state government
* Institutional Rules
* Trained Nurses Association of India
* International council for Nurses
* American Nurses Association
* Canadian Nurses Association
* National League for Nursing
The central government is a source of regulatory body in three ways, through. 1) Government service conduct rules
2) The Indian Nursing council Act
3) The English law
These are detailed rules of conduct for are government employees. Examples of these are the requirement to maintain absolute integrity, devotion to duty and high standards of moral behaviour. Only a few are applicable to the...
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