Regulatory Agency Paper

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Regulatory Agency Paper
September 24, 2012
Jeanette Fetter

Regulatory Agency Paper

Health care agencies and governmental agencies all share the role and the responsibility to health the public to evolve, and update information regarding that specific organization responsibility to help the public to face health care challenges. In this paper we will review one of the governmental agencies that has the responsibility to manage a range of public health crisis, play that plays a protect the health of all Americans and provide essential human services especially for those that are least to help themselves, The Department of Health and Human Services. We will review the structure , the organization’s effect on health care, an example of the (HHS) caring out its duties, the regulatory relation that this agency has in relation to health care, and what is the HHS process of accreditation , certification and authorization.

The Health and Human Services is a governmental agency that has the one priority of protecting the health of all Americans. The agency has a response and preparedness program to ensure that communities and our nation has a plan against terrorism, infectious disease outbreaks, medical emergencies, and other public threats. The organizational structure of the HHS is lead by the Secretary of a Department that provides a wide range of services and benefits to the community, and the American people. The agencies perform a wide variety of tasks and services, including research, public health, food and drug safety, health insurance, and many others, and extend grants and other funding. The Deputy Secretary supports the Office of the Secretary, and below that are a number of Assistant Secretaries and Offices. The Secretary of Health and Human Services advises the President on health, welfare, and income security plans, policies, and programs of the Federal Government and directs Department staff in carrying out the approved programs and activities of the Department and promotes general public understanding of the Department's goals, programs, and objectives.

Department of Health and Human Services. (2009).

The Department of Health and Human Services has the role and responsibility to the health care by providing assistant and monitoring people’s health. Ensuring that employers follow the rules to have safety at work, and ensuring that the food supply is safe. Providing medical, public health, and mental /behavioral health advice. The Department of Health and Human Services has many duties and responsibilities, but some of the most important responsibilities are : (1) Administer the clinical programs and services of the Beatrice State Developmental Center, the Lincoln Regional Center, the Norfolk Regional Center, the Hastings Regional Center, and such other medical facilities, including skilled nursing care and intermediate care facilities, as may be provided by the department; (2) Plan, develop, administer, and operate mental health and mental retardation clinics, programs, and services; (3) Plan, develop, and execute the clinical programs and services carried on by the department; and (4) Represent the department in its work with the University of Nebraska Medical Center concerning psychiatric services. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES. (2009). An example of how the Department of Health and Human Services carry out their duties is by the immunization program is implemented to the community. HHS wants to maintain and enhance high vaccination coverage since they believe that it is critical for preventing current epidemics and diseases that could result in preventable illness, disability and death in the United States. The way that the agency supports and carries out this plan is by planning for two primary federal programs that support immunization for the population that have insurance and for those that do not have insurance in the United States. Through...
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