Regulated Life

Topics: 2006 singles, Gray Wolf, Regulation Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: April 9, 2013
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Regulated Life
I like the dog's life in this story - obeying the rule to some degree - more than life of the wolf. First reason is that in life without rules, time is consumed prodigally and inefficiently. Time is an irretrievable resource. Also, we can't but it as we want. To use the time efficiently, we need the regulation and endurance to the work we don't like doing. For example, when I was a high school student I use my time economically by the rules. On the other hand, these days when I am a graduate, I feel that I have a more waste of time than that of the past. Second, rule given the dog keep his body in good condition. The dog works by day and is tied by night. This regulated living helps the dog keep the not-sick fitness. Because, to enjoy one's freedom well-fitness have to be a basic, the regulated life can be helpful in this regard. Third, when people live in rule and have a constraint, freedom sometime given maximizes the happiness. Likewise, scarce resources are of great value, freedom in rules is more precious than others. We can feel that effect in our lives. For instance, holiday given suddenly in semester is funnier and more valuable than usual vacation. In conclusion, various things considered, I feel that regulated life - the dog's living - is better than totally free life - the wolf's living. If the time comes that I choose which one, I want my life to be a dog’s

I would rather live regularly and obey the rules to some agree, rather than have the life of the wolf. First reason is that in life time is consumed inefficiently, so we need the regulation to use the time efficiently. By this time when I did assignment, I usually did that to meet the deadline barely. However, from now on I will make the rule that divides the work into some parts and use work-time efficiently by fitting the rule. Also, these days I usually spend that time idling something away. Because I think it is waste of time, after lecture i want to spend...
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