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Regression Paper

By | July 2010
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Regression Paper

Sharon Montgomery

Monica Vardaman

Tiffany Williams


May 17, 2010

Jim Easley

Regression Paper

In primary data collection, you collect the data yourself using methods such as interviews and questionnaires. The key point here is that the data you collect is unique to you and your research and, until you publish, no one else has access to it. “There are many methods of collecting primary data and the main methods include Questionnaires, interviews, focus group interviews, observation, case-studies, diaries, critical incidents, and portfolios” (Brent, 2010). Hypothesis Testing

In this experimentation, the data has been collected from the 100 individuals concerning pertinent personal and job related data. The researchers in this study are interested in using the data to determine the median gross annual income in relation to education. With this information this will allow researchers to determine if the level of education is directly related to earning potential. Problem Statement

In 2010 the Kohler Company realized there was an increase of participants in the Kohler tuition re-imbursement program per the tuition reimbursement department’s data. An investigation was launched by team A to determine if the information was correct. Research Question

Do employees with more education earn more annually than employees with less education?

Research Hypothesis
Team A will perform tests to answer the question: Do employees with degrees yield more annually? | | | | | |COMMON LANGUAGE |STATICTICAL LANGUAGE | | |Employees with more education earn more than those with |Ho: (((( | |H(:...

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