Regression Ananaysis

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MgtOp 340 Homework Assignment 2

Problem 6.1

Continental Airlines (CA) is reluctant to begin service at the new Delayed Indefinitely Airport (DIA) until the automated baggage-handling system can transport luggage to the correct location with at least 99% reliability for any given flight. Lower reliability will result in damage to CA’s reputation for quality service. The baggage system will not deliver to the right location if any of its subsystems fail. The subsystems and their reliability for satisfactory performance during operation for any given flight are shown in the following table.

Power Supply70.0% surge free
Scanner reading99.8% accurate
Computer software98.2% glitch free
Mechanical systems97.5% jam free
Operators96.0% error free

a. What is the reliability of the luggage system for any given flight?

b. Installing surge protectors increases power supply reliability to 99.9%. What is the reliability of the new luggage system?

Problem 6.5

The manager of Perrotti’s Pizza collects data concerning customer complaints about delivery. Pizza is arriving late, or the wrong pizza is being delivered.

Topping stuck to box lid17
Pizza is late35
Wrong topping or combination9
Wrong style of crust6
Wrong size4
Pizza is partially eaten3
Pizza never showed up6

a. Use a Pareto chart to identify the “few vital” delivery problems.

b. Use a cause-and-effect diagram to identify potential causes of late pizza delivery. Problem 7.4

The Canine Gourmet Company produces delicious dog treats for canines with discriminating tastes. Management wants the box-filling line to be set so that the process average weight per packet is 45 grams. To make sure that the process is in control, an inspector at the end of the filling line periodically selects a random box of ten packets and weighs each packet. When the process is in control, the range in the weight of each sample has...
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