Registration System

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The new growing technology arises so fast. It is the necessary for people to have knowledge for the fast technology that arises nowadays. We all know computer can be use in many ways, that can help to make an institution or companies job more easily and it results efficients and effective. As rising technology we have to compete, to be aware of constant change in our environment.

In every institution it is important to have a Registration System to accommodate the large number of students. Despite of having a computer based system, they still encounter a problem in registration.

This Outline has been prepared specially for students. We tried to make this as complete as possible so that the students in his/her belief acquired not only fundamental knowledge but also acquaint some of modern concepts in modern computer technology. As today, they have become powerful in the last few years. Millennium is even easier to use than previous releases in special attention to making it more accessible to first time users. Besides having on the formatting capability desktop publishing software it expands the upper limits for scientist, engineers and financial analysis. Fourth Generation computers represent the state of the art today and the fifth generations is on the way. The term generation refers to major developments, in the computer industry. Generation is used as a term of general characterization rather than absolute destination. The whole process is carried out through combine efforts of people, hardware and specialize procedure.

With the recent development and proliferation of software from micro computer comes wide array of choices. Then software prices now range from under fifty to several hundred dollars, with the corresponding range of features and capabilities.

Until recently, the expense of the equipment and software made it visible options only to intense business that could justify the cost. Many businesses with lower volume needs turn to side service organization specializing with the appearance of micro computer. However even small business could afford computerized with even minimal requirements.

This objective research is to be able to provide and improved the registration system that would be more functional.


Saint Francis Academy is a private, non-stock, non-profit, co-educational institution that was located at San Antonio, Valley I, Paranaque City. Saint Francis Academy duly instituted to provide learning to the youth of Paranaque and its neighboring communities. Its primary thrust, is to provide globally competitive educational opportunity to students entrusted to out care, rooted in an understanding of Filipino culture, values and tradition.

The Saint Francis Academy (SFA) having a Preparatory, Elementary, Secondary Education were challenge us to make there school registrar computer based system to be more efficient and effective in all ways. This system will help them to carry the large number of students who registered without loosing their records.

As we accept this challenge, vie ought to be more conductive way of working and let their burdens be lessen by building a institution which are in line with the fast growing technology.

The school recognizes the potential is of every child through a synergetic interaction between children, teachers and parents. Thus, creating a home-like atmosphere with happy, secure and caring environment where individual differences are acknowledged and respected, promoting of mutual respect and understanding among all stockholder of the school. All these are the product of love of its founder, Mrs. Gloriosa V. Valarao, who has single handedly planted the seed of wisdom 20 years ago. At present time, the school is under the administration of a new management team made up of competent technocrats in the field...
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