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Title: Group Assignment

Due Date: Week 12

Lecturer: Hossein Babaei

Name Student ID#
1. Tito biwott kipngetich 110033563 2. Samora Machel Olimi 110033402 3.Walid Mohamed 4. DIEUDONNE MURIGANDE 110033862 5. Ali

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1. Introduction| 3|
5. RATIONALE | 10|
6. SECURITY| 11|
8. APPENDIX| 12|

1. Introduction
In this assignment, we shall elaborate in details the upgrade of the student registration process in Limkokwing. The current registration process in our case is considered as a manual registration. Based on our observation on the current scenario, it has some limitations among them there are: Time consuming& Space consuming. The online registration process will resolve those problems. We shall discuss in details the security of the new registration system to show how the system will be secured. 2. Current Scenario

Normally, when a student wants to register for a module here in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, there is a process to follow: a) A student must go to the Student services to get a green paper that has a check list. That paper must be checked and signed by one staff in the Bursary department, Student services, Registry department, Library, Sports department and Faculty. b) After that, a student has to proceed to the Registry department and fill up a form that contains some of the information required. c) A student has to proceed to the Bursary department for the enrolment fee. d) Finally, a student has to go to the Faculty to complete his/her registration process. The above mentioned, is the main registration process.

3. Clarity/Relevancy
In this part, we are going to discuss some of the limitations of the current scenario and explain in brief our new system: The current scenario which can also be referred to a manual registration process, has some limitations faced by students. Here below, we are going to list some of them in detail: - Time consuming: A manual registration process takes a lot of time usually because of many students who want to register and few counters. - Space consuming: This is another limitation of the current system, if you are registering online, you don't need to come to the University. This will save the space because you just have to be anywhere having internet connection and you proceed with you registration. The current registration process is considered a manual registration process. In this Assignment, we are going to implement in details the upgrade of the student registration process which will be referred as an online registration process.

4.Feasibility analysis
a) Economic

It means the cost which will be incurred when upgrading the...
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