Registration of Copyright Societies

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1. Conditions for submission of applications for registration of copyright societies 2. Application for registration by performing right societies 3. Conditions for grant of permission to carry on copyright business 4. Documents accompanying applications

5. Conditions for registration of a copyright society
6. Procedure for holding inquiry
7. Suspension of registration and appointment of administrator 8. Powers and functions of the administrator
9. Cancellation of registration of a copyright society 10. Conditions subject to which a copyright society may accept authorisation and an owner of rights may withdraw such authorization 11. Conditions subject to which a copyright society may issue licences, collect fees and distribute such fees 12. Procedure for obtaining approval of owners of rights for collection and distribution of fees, etc. 13. Tariff Scheme

14. Distribution Scheme
15. Meeting of a copyright societies
16. Accounts and audit
17. Annual general meeting of owners of rights
18. Documents to be presented in the annual general meeting of owners of rights 19. Returns to be filed by the copyright societies with the Registrar of Copyrights * CONCLUSION

Prior to the coming into force of the copyright (Amendment)Act 1994ss. 33 to 36 dealt with performing rights societies which carried on the business of issuing or granting licences for the performance in india of any work in which copyright subsisted . Obviously the activities of such societies were limited to copyright subsisting in literary , dramatic and musical work which can be performed in public. The copyright (Amendment) Act 1994 , has extended the operation of the legal provisions to the business of issuing or granting licences in respect of all rights relating to any class of work in which copyright subsists under the Act. Organizations which were authorized to carry on such business is called copyright societies .The provisions relating to such copyright societies are contained is ss.33 to 36A. The owner of a copyright in any work can derive monetary benefit from his work only by exercising some or all of the rights conferred under s.14 either by himself or by authorizing others to do so for a consideration . In the alternative he may assign some or all of the rights to others for a consideration. Ordinarily the authors of creative works are not business minded and they have seldom the financial resources or the business skill to exploit their work by themselves. For example in the case of a literary , dramatic, musical or artistic work one of the ways in which the owner of the right can get monetary benefit is by issuing copies of the work to the public on a sufficiently large scale. The best way to do this is to license a publisher to publish the work on a royalty basis. In the case of dramatic and musical works the owner can derive monetary benefit by licensing its performance in public or communicating the work to the public for a fee. Further, it is extremely difficult for the owner of the work to prevent infringement of the work anywhere in India or abroad. To overcome this difficulty owners of copyright works have formed societies to license their works for performance or communication to the public or issue copies of the work to the public. Thus copyright societies are formed to license the works of owners of copyright to those interested in the reproduction, performance or communication to public of the works. They are authorized to do this service by the owners on payment of suitable fees. The societies are also authorized to watch out for infringement of the copyright and take appropriate legal action against the infringers. To regulate the activities of such copyright society’s ss.33 to 36A have been...
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