Registered Nursing

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  • Published : December 7, 2005
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Registered Nurses
The career of my choice is Registered Nursing (RNs). To obtain this career I have to have a high school diploma to enter medical school. There are many certificates available for this profession, but the one I choose is the Bachelor of Science degree. After graduation I will have to take a test to be officially licensed in the state of California. There is more than one way to become a nurse. There are two-year programs at community colleges and four-year programs at state schools. Most of these programs require certain classes in order to enter the program (called pre-requisites), if you don't have them already, you'll have to take them first. A college counselor can help you plan your schedule. High school students can get a jump-start on college by taking 2-4 years of: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, and Computer Science. The next step is medical school. Community colleges are the least expensive way to go. Seventy percent of nurses educated in California graduate from community colleges. The tuition at community colleges is about $12 per unit. Four-year schools are around $2,200 per year and the UC's are about $4,400 for tuition. The fact is, universities and larger colleges sometimes have the best programs that helps pay school tuition. Four-year degrees offer even greater opportunities in nursing than community college degrees. There's lots of money out there to help pay for tuition, housing, meals, books, etc. Nursing was at first a man's job. Nice, middle class, respectable women weren't supposed to be involved in that type of profession; it was hard work and demanding. The women that were involved anyways earned a horrible reputation. They were harlots and most often if not drunk. The workplace was contaminated and had a very noticeable stench. In the era where cleanliness wasn't connected to health, you can often find patients lying in their own filth and blood for days. Women nurses were expected to merely...
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