Registered Nurse and High School History Teacher

Topics: Academic degree, Bachelor's degree, Nursing Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: November 19, 2011
I always wanted to be a nurse, but now that I am in college I also thought about being a high school history teacher. In order, to decide which career to consider I am going to explore my options. Deciding which career to chose is crucial because is something you are going to do for life. Both careers require college education plus a bachelor's degree and additional requirements to be able to work. Therefore, there are four points to consider the education required, job description, salary and position demand. In order, to become a registered nurse you either get an associate's degree in nursing or a bachelor's of science degree in nursing. The most popular program is the associate's degree in nursing. It takes an average of two to three years to complete. One of the advantages with this path is that once you've obtained the degree, you can apply for an entry-level position that offers benefits. The benefits include tuition reimbursement and college credit toward your two-year bachelor's in nursing degree. This choice also provides valuable hands-on experience in the field while getting an education. Going straight for the bachelor's program takes four years, and a nursing diploma can take three to five years. Despite the path, to be able to work a nurse must pass a national licensing examination. On the other hand, a career as a high school history teacher requires that candidates first complete a bachelor's degree program. The bachelor's degree is in history and it takes about four years of full-time study. Students working on their bachelor's degree enter a secondary teacher education program. Teacher education programs prepare students by providing training in common teaching methods. For candidates who do not take a teacher education program there is an alternative licensure that gives applicants a provisional license. With the provisional license applicants can teach under supervision of a fully licensed teacher. After one or two years, the...
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