Regional Policing

Topics: Police, Constable, Crime Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: May 6, 2012
YiJing Yuan
Regional Policing
Regional policing is a good approach for efficiencies. Especially between small cities or towns, regional policing can not only actually improve the speed of response times but allow for greater flexibility. The costs alone must not be the only consideration. Policing provides essential public safety, which must be improved, not diminished. However, this approach has its problem that police chiefs need to take care of. In this case, I will use Greenfield and Soledad as examples since these two cities are about to make regional policing happen there. Greenfield had 15000 population in 2009. Compare to San Jose, Greenfield is a tiny city. But the cost of operation a small police cannot be reduced beyong certain point. Not only officers and cruisers, but building, computer network and filing system. Even though if Greenfield is low crime rate city, holding a police force cost a lot. According to the City-data crime index, Greenfield's crime rate is higher than U.S. average. Therefore, Greenfield needs more police officers for solving and prevent the crime than other cities. Compare to Greenfield, Soledad had only 10000 population in 2010. Soledad's crime rate is below U.S. Average. These two cities have a problem in common: lack of police officers. Greenfield has only 19 officers and Soledad has only 29. The California average rate of officers:1000 residents is 2.52. However, Soledad is 0.83 and Greenfield is 0.97. So, make regional policing happen between these two cities is needed. Finding the balance between these two cities is the key to make regional policing working well. [pic]

Regional policing can help two police department share all the valuable information. As people my not know that even though two police department can work as a family, they don't share information that often. For example, if a suspect is caught in Greenfield for robbery, Greenfield PD may not know he also committed...
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