Regional Papers vs English Papers

Topics: Mumbai, Maharashtra, Newspaper Pages: 4 (1432 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Regional v/s English
Newspapers are playing a vital role in the society. The media the fourth estate has its influential role in public opinion too. India, the diverse country wherein you will find people from all caste and religion residing. So as in we have regional (Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil etc) newspaper along with the English newspaper. So the Indian media is very different from the other countries. In the other countries English newspaper are at the highest position with regard to readership and circulation but in India it is totally different. Here you will find regional newspapers being played a vital role as compared to English newspaper but that doesn’t mean that English newspaper are not doing well. Now the question arises how the regional newspapers have taken over English newspaper with regard to circulation and readership and the competition between both of them? While talking to Milind Bele the Assistant Editor of Sakal Marathi newspaper he said that it’s not like the manner in which many people think. Basically English newspaper’s major focus is on the world affairs as compared with the Marathi newspapers; their major focus is on covering the local areas first than moving towards the world affairs. They too have world affairs page but they majorly focus on local issues, civic issues. There is a tuff rivalry between regional as well as English newspaper. English newspaper mainly focuses to overtake readership and circulation of regional newspaper because the readership and circulation of regional newspaper is high. So even they came up with regional papers for e.g. times of India came up withMaharashtra times, nav navbharat times to increase the competition. Even regional newspapers are in competition with the English ones. They compete in such a way that both regional as well as English newspaper should not have same news report in it. For e.g. if English newspaper are giving news report, the problem occurred, then regional newspaper must...
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