Regiocentric Approach to International Human Resource Management

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  • Published: March 13, 2012
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BA(Hons) Management

International HRM

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Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to explore the regiocentric approach to International Human Resource Management and discuss the impact the use of this approach would have in the case of expanding to a new location. The Expatriate Management Cycle is covered to identify any considerations that may have to be made during the process. The report evaluates the use of a regiocentric method for an international start-up situation. This report was written to inform the Managing Director of DBS Engineering Ltd of any issues that may occur during the expansion and to assess their current choice of using a regiocentric approach to business. This evaluation was carried out by researching secondary resources on management approached to IHRM and the Expatriate Management Cycle. Significant findings were then compared drawing out any benefits or disadvantages of regiocentric practice and identifying any issues that may have to be faced during the process. It was found that the regiocentric approach choses to group countries by similarities such a geographic area: North America, Latin America, Europe, North Africa etc. This approach combines the benefit of grouping operations to improve efficiencies and also allows for some extent of multi-cultural management; however it does not accept the idea of moving people out with their specific regions. This can limit learning and experience to some extent. It was found that overall the regiocentric approach is very viable in this situation with many benefits. There is however potential for sending a Parent-Country National to a new start-up no matter the region, to ensure the organisation maximises efficiency.

Table of Contents

The Regiocentric Approach4
Expatriate Management Cycle6
Strategic Planning6
Performance Management9
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