Regina V Dudley and Stephen: Case of the Shipwrenched Sailor

Topics: Political philosophy, Thomas Hobbes, Sovereign state Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: May 22, 2012
Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. When the judge read the indictment to you in the beginning of the case, you all had some pretty strong feelings. That’s understandable murder is a serious crime. It’s very unfortunate that a life had to be lost, but I’m here to tell you Dudley and Stephens should not be prosecuted or charged for the murder of Richard Parker. Dudley and Stephens are the victims of a failed government. Their acts were an act of survival, when all other alternative were tried. We must ask ourselves why we owe allegiance to our government in the first place. The very reason given by Thomas Hobbes is the social contract, the agreement between the people and their government by which the government protects and promotes the interests of the people, receiving loyalty and support from the people in return. Where was the government when the four seamen were lost at sea? The government failed to find these men and protect their lives and liberties. These men knew without government state of nature was inevitable, total chaos, and disorder. This is why these men had to create their own government.

For clarification there are certain things that are not in dispute. Richard Parker was killed by Dudley and Stephens. Dudley, Stephens and Brooks participated in consuming Richard Parker’s dead body. These men consented with pulling a straw to nominate a sacrificial victim. Which Parker lost and later reneged on the agreements. These events are facts, but let’s looking into deeper facts.The four seamen were lost out in sea for twenty four days. This began on July 5th, with virtually no supply of water and no supply of food, with exception to two 1 lb. tins of turnips, and for three days they had nothing else to subsist upon. On the fourth day July 9th they spotted and caught a small turtle, which they had to make last for multiple days amongst four men. Now if we fast forward to July 17th which I must add still no government in sight to...
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