Regiment and Infantry Battalions

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THE WORD Regiment is derived from Latin word ‘regimen’ which means a rule or system of order, and describes the Regiment’s functions of raising, equipping and training of troops. Every Regiment has its own characteristic colours, uniform and insignia, and accomplishments in combat zone.

They become a fundamental object of allegiance, pride and esprit de corps of its soldiers. In the Indian Army Regiments are of two kinds - battalion-sized units of arms like the Armoured Corps, Artillery, Engineers, and Signals, or a specific mixture of Infantry battalions. In Artillery, the complete Artillery mass in the order of battle is known as the Regiment of Artillery. The Infantry Regiments are identified by their distinctive individual names; they have a Regimental Centre for training and equipping of the staff for the infantry battalions of the Regiment. The Centre maintains records of each soldier till he retires and is out of service. The Record office and the Pay and Accounts offices perform these functions. These Regimental Centres send qualified soldiers to infantry battalions which are assigned to tactical units - Brigades and Divisions. The infantry battalions known by their individual Regimental number and name are active units fit to fight and carry out desired duties in the battle. The Regiments are headed by a Colonel, who is a high-ranking officer. The Colonel of the Regiment is the head of the family and is responsible for the protection of the best interests of the Regiment. He is almost always an officer of General rank who at one time served in the Regiment. The idea is that such a person would take personal interest in the well-being of the Regiment, its troops and its widows. The way the wounded and dead are handled in a battle is a powerful example of Regimental spirit. In the Regiments of Indian Army it is a matter of honour not to let a wounded comrade fall into enemy hands. Many a...
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