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  • Published : September 11, 2011
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Reggae, “a generic name for all Jamaican popular music since 1960, is defined as a ‘West Indian style of music with a strongly accented subsidiary beat” (Chang). Reggae music is a great style of music that was popularized by one of the world’s most famous musicians, Bob Marley. Personally, I never listened to it until I made it to college, and it has quickly become one of my favorite genres. For that reason is why I chose to write this paper on Reggae music. This genre is a very calming and relaxing style of music, which helps me when I am trying to focus on doing important tasks such as homework, including this paper. In this proton of the paper I will be looking into the history of Reggae music and the development of this particular style of music. To many people Reggae can several different meanings. For some people it could be a style of music that deals with social and racial issues, for some it could simply be a reawakened form of African music. Reggae music has a very interesting history; no other third world country has evolved in such a way as Jamaica, both as a country and from a musical stand point. The development of Reggae music is reflected upon the struggle against racial oppressions, which has origins in the deportation of many Africans as slaves to the British colony of Jamaica. These slaves were brought to Jamaica due to the need for them when sugarcane became the most important export for the island. These slaves arrived by means of the Atlantic slave trade at the same time slaves were being taken to North America, when they arrived there was a lot of racial tension, and Jamaica had one of the highest upraises of slavery of the Caribbean islands (Chang). As the end of the 18th century was nearing, sugar started to lose its economic value, which started the end of slavery. “In 1838 these slaves were emancipated and the plantations had to begin paying wages to theses workers.” Once slavery was abolished in Jamaica these ex-slaves started to move...
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