Regarding the Importance of Cq

Topics: Military, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Soldier Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: December 25, 2012
“Regarding the Importance of CQ”

CQ, also known as “Charge of Quarters”, is one of the jobs that’s included in being a member of the armed forces. CQ is “supposedly” a 24 hour shift, consisting of a low ranking NCO and a few lower enlisted soldiers, during which the selected soldiers are to guard the Soldiers’ Quarters/Barracks. The job description includes maintaining the barracks (mopping/taking out trash/etc) to keeping an eye out on the Soldiers (making sure they aren’t doing anything illegal) and other deplorable tasks. While on duty Soldiers are expected to not sleep until their shift is finished, meaning they must vigilantly stay awake for over 24 hours (they still have to get up the same time as everyone else and do their mandatory physical training now). All enlisted soldiers have dealt with this tasking multiple times throughout their career, with each and every one having their own opinions. Many can agree that this is one of the worst ideas the Army has came up with and should be abolished or changed, whilst others say this is an important and necessary task that shouldn’t be altered. Those that are for CQ to stay the way it is say that it is a necessary duty. There wouldn’t be a CQ if there wasn’t a need for it. In the past Soldiers have been granted the privilege and leeway of a free rein, but because of certain incidents that has all been taken away. Soldiers had been breaking the Army regulations (Policy Letter #5 and #18), doing things from illegal usage of narcotics (Spice, Shrooms, Acid, etc) to even having sexual relations with underage minors and more. After multiple issues occurred, the Army put a stop to this by creating CQ. Thus reducing the problems and issues happening inside the soldier's quarters. With CQ soldiers also gained a sense of security, their rooms were no longer getting broke into and their personal belongings were no longer getting stolen. Those against CQ see it as a waste of time, a chore that...
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