Regal Marine Case Study

Topics: Production and manufacturing, Decision making, Marketing Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: September 4, 2013
Regal Marine

Question 1:

State Regal Marine’s mission in your own words.

Regal Marine’s Mission is to provide luxury performance boats to customers world wide using the strategy of differentiation.

It seeks to attain this mission by using the following criteria in it’s differentiation: 1. constant innovation
2. unique features
3. high quality.
4. Value – this was mentioned in the video case.
5. Wide and different models – this was mentioned in the video case.

Question 2:

Identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and strategy that are relevant to regal marine.

Strengths| Weaknesses|
1. Innovation 2. High Quality 3. Unique Features 4. High Value 5. Different Models 6. Synergy and partnerships with other boat manufacturers| 1. Don’t have assembly line. 2. Relies on trained labor to handle design and assembly. 3. Labor force in Florida (They can outsource this to low cost countries)| Opportunities| Threats|

1. Large distribution channel across world 2. Increase market size thru finding comptent and effective dealers in the world. 3. Increased boat sales reduced luxury tax.| 1. Many competitors |

Question 3:

How do you define Regal Marine’s Strategy?

Regal Marine obviously focuses on high quality, innovation in it’s design, features etc. and the value it delivers to it’s clients. Moreover, I think Regal Marine’s effectiveness is that it has a global presence which a far reching market share led by effective dealers.

Question 4:

How would each of the 10 operation’s management decisions apply to operations decision making at Regal Marine?

Using the book’s 10 decisions criteria for OM I have listed below what I believe are necessary for regal marine’s success.

1. Product – The product must be innovative such that they will introduce a feature that no one has ever thought of.This requires heavy out of the box thinking. Morever, other than innovation,...
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