Refutation Essay of ecstasy

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  • Published: April 28, 2005
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"Feeling of peace and tranquility, feelings of tenderness, feeling of joy, experience of insightful knowledge experienced at an intuitive level, experience of oneness in relation to an inner world within, sense of being at a spiritual height"(Bravo 22). These magical feelings described above were provided by courtesy of ecstasy consumption. With promises of euphoria, ecstasy attracted more and more curious people to bring the underground club drug into mainstream awareness. The use of ecstasy in the United States has been the fastest growing drug trend in recent years exceeding other popular drugs such as marijuana. Since its popularity is increasing in a rapid rate every year, ecstasy abuse is an issue that can no longer be neglected. Ecstasy is commonly used in clubs and so-called "raves"- underground parties characterized by electronic dance music that attracts masses of young people. Although drugs have always existed in the club scene for several decades, the common usage of ecstasy did not become popular in the United States until the decade of the 1990's. Because of the rise in popularity of electronica and raves, these venues automatically provided a convenient, discreet place for teenager to use drugs. Ecstasy became a perfect drug candidate to gain popularity with teens due to its cheap price and its easy accessibility. Many teenagers start the regular use of ecstasy in high school, which can cause a drop in grades, which in turn, affects their chances of attending higher education. Many also experience minor or serious mental depression when taking ecstasy too often. Most importantly, the main problem of ecstasy which affects teenagers is that it jeopardizes their chances of a better, more productive future, some of which can include government leadership positions. Undoubtedly, the issue of ecstasy use is very significant because it affects the fate of the whole country. Although it is undeniable that ecstasy may help people open/expand their minds or relieve pressure temporarily, it is not a permanent solution to the real problems in the drug users' lives. Young people should seek better ways to relieve their pressures than taking ecstasy since it is merely a temporary solution which causes detriment to the brain and one's general health.

Of course this is not widely accepted view by all people. Many proponents of ecstasy use argue that the benefits of taking ecstasy outweigh the disadvantages since it could help them come to life-saving self-realizations. For example, a woman who failed a serious relationship and tried to commit suicide describes how ecstasy use saved her life:

Ecstasy has activated a new found ability to nurture myself and love myself which psychotherapy took ages to even get near to. I have the confidence now that I can survive this separation and that I won't collapse or allow the positive I have learnt to be killed by this disappointment. The feeling 'everything is going to be alright' stays with me, it feels like a connection to a spiritual side that is feeding me with strength (Ecstasy par. 4).

According to the woman's testimony, while she was suffering from emotional problems she could not handle by herself, she was trapped by feelings of self-destruction. These detrimental feelings, which very well could be characterized as a mental illness, might have eventually led her to death. Ecstasy helped her feel loved again and may have prevented the dangerous collapse (Ecstasy par. 1).

In this specific case, ecstasy use may have saved this woman's life. Ecstasy was shown to help heal insecure feelings in a person and it strengthened the bonds between mutual interactions. Many ecstasy users also share this common belief about the positive feelings that ecstasy can bring about. According to another woman in her late twenties, when she took her first pill, she recalled that "My first experience with E was amazing: the people, the music, the freeing up of my emotions, and the fact...
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