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Brelehn Zolicoffer
Refutation Essay

Nick Schulz of the American Enterprise Institute believes that the Occupy movement on Wall Street aimed its guns at the wrong target. He believes that this movement will not continue to affect American politics because people aren’t interested in a new social mobility, individuals must possess an adequate amount of human, social and cultural capital towards upward mobility, and in order for Americans to make such a long lasting effect in our politics we must change our schools. His article was true in many ways as to where the nation stands in American politics, but speaking as a business man he should encourage the growth of our nation and think less of what we can’t achieve and more of what we can achieve. The truth of the matter is that America has been feeling for the longest that their voices couldn’t be heard before this movement and now once we have stood strong with Occupy Wall Street we must continue in order to see ourselves through. One view he had was that social mobility was based off of envy. He goes on to state that envy animates today’s anti-inequality movement. A word such as envy to describe this America is absolute wrong. The people of the occupy movement are not jealous, they are graduate students eager to put their skills to use. The focus of Occupy Wall Street was to get the word out that our economy has been downplayed as we further education but get no opportunity to use our degrees as we live in such a country. As long as they do bring their issues to light it won’t fail them to gain sufficient political traction. The real question is to how long it will take to receive the answer they are looking for, but to give up is not an option. Another view he has was that America need to consider what he calls “home economics” where the economic consequences has changed the American household. He believes that the collapse of intact families has eroded vital human and social capital....

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