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Should Australia accept refugees?

During the next few minutes, I will be speaking on the topic ‘Should Australia accept refugees?’ Using both fact and visual presentation, I will explain and convince you of the truth of this statement. Before we continue, let’s first understand the meaning of “refugee.” According to the Macquarie Dictionary, a refugee is “one who flees for refuge or safety, especially to a foreign country in a time of political upheaval, war or persecution.” Refugees can enter Australia in one of two ways:

The first way is by normal legal channels. This is done by making a request to the Australian Government to be granted refugee status and once granted, entry into our country using the correct documents. Refugees granted entry to Australia under these terms, must go through a long process of personal, family and background checks. This is to ensure that these people are genuine refugees, fleeing from political, religious or racial persecution. This often means a wait of 4 or more years living in refugee camps, in or near the country from which they are trying to flee. The second way is illegal entry.

In Australia today, one of the most debated topics is that of the “boat people.” This term refers to refugees or illegal immigrants making their way to Australia’s unpopulated northern shores. Their method of transport is usually leaking and unseaworthy, overcrowded boats. These boats depart from Indonesia with little food, water or shelter. Their passengers are so desperate to get to Australia that they will risk everything, including their lives and the lives of their children. The debate about these refugees has been influenced by myths and misconceptions. Community attitudes have been influenced by media reports of border protection concerns and also the idea that the boat people are breaking the rules or que jumping. The terrorist events of 9/11, The Bali bombing and the London bus bombing have caused the Australian public...
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