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Chapter-by-Chapter Notes and Teaching Suggestions

CHAPTER 20. BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER: CHANGE AND LEADERSHIP IN ACTION CHAPTER 20 OVERVIEW Chapter 20 Summary ___________________________________________________ The chapter opens with a case—Robert F. Kennedy High School—depicting the many problems facing David King, the new principal of a deeply troubled urban high school. A school that opened with high hopes only a few years ago now finds itself mired in conflict and dissatisfaction. King’s first meeting with his new administrative staff produces a blow-up in which a male housemaster physically threatens the chair of the English department. By the end of the case, the situation feels overwhelming. Is there hope? The authors follow the case with a hypothetical account of how the new principal might engage in a conscious effort to reframe the situation. For each frame, King asks himself two questions: 1. 2.

From this perspective, what’s going on at Kennedy High? What options does this frame suggest?

As is usually true in real life, the outcome of the reframing process is not a miracle but greater clarity coupled with a richer and more comprehensive set of strategies for what to do.

Chapter 20 Major Case Example ________________________________________ Robert F. Kennedy High School

There are two complementary teaching emphases for this chapter: 1. 2.

Replay and critique of the reframing process described in the chapter. Application of the same process to other cases.

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Chapter-by-Chapter Notes and Teaching Suggestions

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