Reforms 1825 - 1850

Topics: Democracy, Women's suffrage, United States Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: December 31, 2007
The influence of the Second Great Awakening played a huge role in social reforms in the United States. Between 1825 through 1850, society in the United States was changing due to transitions and the desire for control and order. People found themselves living in social instability and in a society were values were being challenged. Because of the Second Great Awakening, it encouraged an excitement of evangelicalism that led to a movement towards reforms. These movements brought up various issues such as prison reforms, temperance, woman's suffrage's, and the crusades to abolish slavery which would then lead to an expansion of a democratic life in America.

The humane treatment of individuals in American society focused for democratic ideals. Before the age of reform, the United States gave equal punishment to juveniles as of an adult. The penitentiary system promoted brutal punishments, such as whipping and branding. But after the start of reforms a better system for juvenile delinquents was created (doc. A). The start of reformation of juvenile delinquents promoted the penitentiary system that focused more on disciplining the child then punishing them. The people of New York saw this as an effective way of rescuing the child and making them a value member of society. And the purpose of the new penitentiary system in society was not just to punish, but to rehabilitate the people.

During 1826, the start of the temperance movement was formed by the American Society for Promotion of Temperance. The goal of this movement was to reduce or even ban the consumption of alcohol. Before the movement, people saw that because of the consumption of alcohol, it decreased the efficiency of labor, increased the danger of accident in the workplace, destroyed families, and physically harmed the women and children. From the "Drunkards Progress/From The First Glass To The Grave," (doc. H) it shows the nine stages of the consequences of drinking. Just after the first stage, it...
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