Reforming Texas Education

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  • Published : April 25, 2012
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The author, Dick Armey, in this article suggests that there should be desperate measures to regulate the system at Texas universities. According to Armey, the universities are more focused on the complacencies of the faculty instead of the students that has potential. Armey sides with the undertaking of Governor Rick Perry’s education reform, which states that Texas’ education has gone off track and changes must be enforced. The University of Texas is pronounced the third largest endowment in the country, but falls into 47th for best academics. Not only the need for higher education has raised concerns but tuition is too.

Tuition has gone up every year by 9.8 percent since 1994, which many families are stressing to provide that extra amount. The Texas Public Policy Foundation recently surveyed how conducive Texas universities and colleges are, and 80 percent said more could be done. Armey argues that tenured professors should be removed due to lacking teaching skills. All professors should establish and approved on their teaching skills before stepping foot in front of a classroom. Also, Armey points out that taxpayers are contributing to tenured professors. He reveals that free market reforms should also be considered, which academic results would determine funds to schools. Armey hammers on a founding that at one research university only has about 22 percent of professors actually teaching. He states that funds for research and teaching budgets should be separated to reduce tuition. To conclude Armey’s article, the main focus should be on higher education given by adequate professors. Meanwhile, researchers’ main goal should help better the education, which he suggests should have a different budget than joint with teaching. Tenured professors should have limitations on pay and teaching. Armey suggests that if all these needs are met, then it should benefit everyone. Opinion:

I agree with what Armey said in his article and some things need to be...
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