Reform of Japan's Oda

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Evaluation on Japan’s ODA policy towards Thailand’s agriculture development

Back ground and significance of Issue

-ODA- ODA is known as the abbreviation of Official Development Assistance. This is one of the foreign policies mostly practiced by the developed countries assisting and cooperating with the developing countries, which they are still on the process of developing. The contents of the assistance are such as, monetary help, infrastructure, emergency assistance, and public facilities to underdeveloped nations by using their own public funds. From some perspectives, they are even said as the obligation for the developed countries to support redistribution of capitals of International society in Today. This policy is not just the economic issues but also take place in environment, poverty, conflicts, and epidemic diseases issues and so on with the concept of “Human security” to support the South countries.

ODA is not only effective for the country that is been assisted but also provides large interest for the donor countries. Those interests are such as privileges of preferentially gaining the access to the new market of the country assist, establishes a cordial relation and better treatment in trade, and also able states to make good diplomatic relations in politics as well. In the history of the International relations, cooperating or aiding from a country to another is seen as one of the biggest issues of time after the World Wars. Today after the era of wars and conflicts of the major powers, 1.2 billion people still live on less than one dollar per day, and 2.8 billion less than two dollars a day which implies poverty is a still significant matters in the world. To fill the Gap of the poverty and the inequality of that, ODA policy plays a key role to solve this issue. Moreover, some even says ODA is an obligation for the developed countries to support redistribution of capitals.

 On one hand, Japan is known as the one of the countries that were largely assisted by ODA after the WW2, constructed the basis of infrastructures until now, such as Highways and Bullet trains. Owing to that, Japan was able to hold a large scaled economy. On the other hand, Japan is also known as the biggest donor country of ODA policies toward neighboring or former colonized countries since the late 1950s. That also gave Japan and gained a lot of interests by that.Thus ODA policy has been dominating the key role in foreign policy of Japan.

Present situation of Japan’s ODA policy
 Japan is now entering the period of reducing the amount of the budget for the ODA which is lower almost close to the half of amount in the period of the most. However, other developed countries are in the trend of spending more budgets these days due to the International goal setting on development issues, from the causation of Millenium Development Goals standards. Since the past economic bubble popped in 1990s, Japan is having a long term recession and that made the domestic approval rates toward investing on other countries are getting low. In peoples mind, question mark on spending their own money and taxes on other people of the countries rather than spending on the suffering domestic economics came out in public opinion. Along with that, the loose system of Japan’s ODA is making light of itself and corruptions and project failures are severely pointed out and entered severe times for Japan to keep continuously spending funds as much as before.

 This research’s main purpose is to evaluate how Japan’s ODA policy gives the impact in the area of agriculture and rural development, with concerns of food security and improvement of their life and reduction of the poverty from the perspective of Human Security and in last tries to give suggestion in the future process of policy making. From the evaluation result, also gives value on the explanation to the citizen in Japan as well as to gain back the support on public opinion of...
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