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Melisse Valeton
American History 1
8 November 2012

Antebellum Reform
The antebellum period was a time of many reforms throughout the US. A change in the society and ones views on the US. During this period there were movements that a plethora of reformers used to change the US into a more democratic place. Reformers looked at the US as it having many evils that needed to be eliminated, such as slavery, alcohol, women rights and jails. They took many approaches and strategies in order to improve moral beliefs. During the period of 1825 to 1850 was a time of democratic reform in the United States. There were many ideas and forces that motivated people to reform American society during the antebellum years. A major event that influenced people was The Second Great Awakening. This event changed people’s perspective on how society should be and the benefits it will undergo if they change. Reforms that took place were anti-slavery, temperance, and women’s right movements. The antebellum period was marked by an outbreak of religious revivalism that spread throughout the United States. The Second Great Awakening gave a renewal of interest towards religion. Many people along with the shakers were so passionate about religion that they felt that America needed to change for the better in order to gain spiritual peace. This event made citizens open their eyes and see what has become of society. This led to many people wanting to improve mankind thus the Antebellum Era.

The early 1900s in North Carolina saw the creation of many reform-oriented organizations in which women played a significant role. These women were part of reform movements of the time that focused on child labor (reducing working hours and improving safety), temperance (controlling the use of alcohol), prisons (improving conditions for prisoners and chain gangs), and public improvements like parks and libraries. Many of the North Carolina women who became involved in these groups were...
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