Reflux System

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  • Published : June 30, 2012
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"Reflex Systems”

Contemporary Management
Week 9
By: Christina Banegas

1. What personality and behavior characteristics does Henry Rankin exhibit? Do you

think these traits contribute to a good person-job fit for him? If you were an executive

coach to help Rankin be a better management what would you say to him? Why?

Henry’s personality seem to be conscientiousness which is the degree to which a person is

focus on a few goals, thus behaving in ways that are responsible, dependable, persistent,

and achievement-oriented. He also seems to have emotional stability which is the degree

to which a person is calm, enthusiastic, and self-confident, rather than tense, depressed,

moody, or insecure. (Daft, pg. 398)

The behavior characteristic that Henry show is Exaggerated Sense of time urgency: Since

the type A thinks that time is running out and since his goals are too big he always races

with time. The Price for Over Achievement: Over achievement does not come for free.

Type A’s are subject to tremendous amounts of stress. Their life style is the main cause of

this stress they suffer from (always running, having lots of things to do & racing with

time) ( )

I would explain that we do need things done within a certain time period, but we also

don’t want him to exhaust himself or his team. This reason why I wouldn’t want him to

exhaust him or is his team is because it can lead to breakdowns, stress, lack of sleep,

flaws in their work or problems physically.

2. Does Rankin display type A or type B behavior? What are the causes of stress for his


Rankin displays type A behaviors. The cause for the stress is the working overtime and on

weekends and...
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