Reflexion on Class Observation

Topics: Question, Interrogative word, Class I railroad Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: May 5, 2011
Universidad Alberto Hurtado
Fernanda Inostroza
Professor Olga Mella
Taller de Reflexión
28 April 2011    

Class Reflexion
The class I observed was a third grade and the topic was body parts. This was my first time observing this class. What immediately noticed and called my attention was the excellent classroom management that the teacher has. In spite of students are not in silence the whole lesson, of course; they are children, she is able to catch their attention when explaining, giving instructions and so on. At the beginning of the lesson, she caught students’ attention through a song that is related to the topic of the class. Also, she asks students to dance, which I think is excellent, because students were coming from the break with lot of energy and when they sang the song and move their bodies, they used that energy but at the same time they were focusing their attention on what the lesson was going to be about.

Then, the teacher introduced keywords through flashcards. When she did it she asked students about what they saw in them and what I liked about it, is that she considers not just answers in English, but also in Spanish, but when they did it in Spanish she immediately said the word in English and asked student to repeat after her. When she was presenting the keywords she was putting them on the board and writing the names of every part of the body next to each flashcard and they were the whole lesson there, on the board, so when students had doubts they could resort to it. What I like about it was that it gave to students like a kind of confidence, because if they are shy and feel afraid of asking questions, they have the resources to answer the questions they could have by their own. Moreover, it can also provide independence to students when they are working on the tasks they have to do and in that way they can develop autonomy and do not depend all the time on the teacher.

An aspect that I could notice and I consider...
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