Reflex Systems

Topics: Motivation, Learning styles, Management Pages: 4 (1211 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Reflex Systems: Critical Analysis of Human Behavior Under Stress

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the stress factors of organizational pressure and to determine what skills can be used by leaders to diffuse the stress and to get team members to align to a common goal. Engaging a team and making the team members believe that he or she is valued is a skill that leaders should adapt to reduce stress in an organizational setup (Spiers, 2012). Individuals in a team should feel as though his or her contribution to the tasks is an important one. When members of a team feel unappreciated, the goal is subject to setbacks and sometimes failure. Analysis

Reflex systems have decided to implement customer relationship management software to help the company to track follow-up sales. Reflex systems have had no problem selling its product, but rather building a rapport with its clients to ensure repeat business. Rankin and his team have taken on the task of completing and implementing the program changes in the proposed 10 weeks. Before completion of the project, one of Rankin’s team members, Sally Phillips decided that she wanted a fair chance at quality of life. Her decision left the team short-handed, and forced Rankins and the team to make a commitment to pull her weight. The team quickly grew weary, and stress caused team members to disengage from the project. Rankins at wits end needs to decide how to change the team’s emotions to complete the project by the deadline successfully.

Approaching this project, Rankins was sure that his drive would allow him to complete this project with minimal problems. One problem that Rankins did not count on was lack of drive from team members, unsatisfied team members, and loss of leadership control. A team is only as strong as its leader. Rankin’s secondary focus was to the completion of the project. His primary focus was the boost of qualifications he would receive once the project had been completed...
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