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3. If you were Rankin, how would you have handled your team members (Sally Phillips, Bob Finley and Lynne Johnston)? Be specific. What insights or behaviors would make Rankin a better manager?

It is very obvious that the team members of Rankin were all suffering from stress or even worst the burnt-out syndrome.

Generally, stress is real and it is painful for everybody concerned. It damages the individual, the team and the business. If Rankin would watch out for it, address the problem quickly and deliver solutions, he can still do something about the situation.

To be more specific, if given the chance to be in Rankin’s place,I would do the following to each of my team members.


✓ Set up a meeting with them separately in a private room

✓ No formalities during the meeting, I will set a friendly atmosphere where they can talk and discuss whatever they want to say

✓ Will get straight to the point – tell Bob and Lynne that I have noticed changes in their behavior which is making me think that they are feeling stressed

✓ Ask them also if they want to talk it through with me and assure them that I am concern and want to help

✓ If in case they refuse to talk, I will point out that their behavior has changed and it is affecting others. Mention again that I am here to help and not to judge them or their behavior.

✓ If Bob and Lynne decide to tell me what’s wrong, then I’ll need to move into problem-solving mode, and this means using techniques to ensure that my solution will be effective while being also sympathetic

With Sally Phillips –

✓ Since the decision of Sally is to resign and she feels that she will be more happy with her new found job, I think it would better to just support her decision but at the same time let her understand the value she brings to the company and acknowledge her for the work she does.


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