Reflective Thinking International Business Entry Strategy

Topics: German language, Chinese language, Lists of languages Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Reflective Thinking BN203 International Business Entry Strategy

* Visiting the require website then answer the questions in the text book. 1. After visiting the website a) According to the website, the total population of China is 47,265,100. Of more than 200 languages in China, the most spoken language is Mandarin Chinese and the second most spoken language is “Yue” or “Cantonese.The common name of the Chinese language known as “Yue” is “Cantonese”. It also has other alternative names such as: “Gwong Dung Waa, Yueh, Yuet Yue…” According to the Table 6 Distribution of Living Languages by Country, We can see that: In china, there are 296 living languages with 1,211,179,642 number of speaker. Meanwhile, in Australia there are only 56 living number with 18,595,570 numbers of speakers and in the U.K there are 56 living languages with 62,408,140 numbers of speakers. However, in the United State there are 364 living languages with 262,728,296 numbers of speakers. We can see that the United State is the country that has a lot of living languages among those four countries. However, China is the country that has a lot of number of speakers which is 1,211,179,642. b) In the Kingdom of Spain, there are 43,397,000 people living in Spain. There are 329 million native Spanish Speakers. There are 18 languages altogether spoken in Spain which include immigrant languages. The major languages that are spoken in Switzerland are: French, Standard German, Italian, and Romansch. According to the website, there are 1,490,000 French speakers in Switezerland, 75,300,000 Standard German Speakers, 471,000 Italian speakers, and 35,100 Romansch speakers. According to the table of “Linguistic Diversity of Countries”, the country that has the most linguistic diversity are: 1) Papua New Guinea (830 living languages), 2) Indonesia (722 living languages), 3) Nigeria (521 living languages). The country that has the least linguistic...
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