Reflective Statement

Topics: Education, Drama, Tragedy Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Reflective statement on “Antigone”

“Antigone” being an art of the Greek culture, our first interactive oral which was held gave us a further insight about the Greek drama, theatre, plays and overall about the culture. As Siddharth and Nihar spoke about the origin of drama and how it was used as a mean of education in the early days. It made me think in a TOK perspective about how the Greek drama became a way of learning in the olden days. Greek culture at the same time is very similar to the Indian culture as there are many gods and how indirectly the origin of many things was related to some or the other god whether it was the origin of the human’s or the origin of Greek drama. Most importantly I learned that how the Greek plays educated them in such a way which made them wiser and better thinkers for their own better tomorrow the Greeks inner logic which they called destiny. When Akaash told the class about how there were very few stage actors and same actors played many roles only by changing masks. Masks became a symbol and represented the emotion of the character and also helped in enhanced quality of audio, as it would be inadequate for one person to scream across a theatre, that has a capacity of 25,000. I always used to get out of a cinema after watching a movie sometimes inspired or sometimes despondent I felt wiser and even like a lunatic sometime. Ishaan spoke about catharsis the effect, which movies have on us, the mark it leaves and how we feel about it. Drama is a way of teaching and educating people, whether its tragedy or comedy it is meant to educate us teach us about life so that we learn without experiencing anguish.
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