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Topics: Mind, Debate, Self-esteem Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: June 11, 2012
The interactive oral I lead with my group, gave me the time to share and discuss with my class some of the themes and motifs in “Love In The Time of Cholera.” It was interesting to see the rest of the class interpreted the themes we were talking about and many of the ideas that were put foreword were ones my group had not yet spoke of, this gave me the chance to expand my thoughts and ideas around not only the themes we were speaking about but the book as a whole.

One of the points that stood out for me during discussion was “does age hinder sex?” which was referring to the line “I smell like an old woman.” It was interesting to see the different opinions within the discussion, the main point that seemed common to me was that of self esteem issues, many were saying that it is not age that hinders sex more ones perception of age, if Fermina was able to see further than her physical appearance, as she later does, it is possible that her age would have made no difference, it was the fact the she was self conscious that was holding her back.

Another interesting point that was bought up during discussion was that of the relationship between love and sex. This was bought up from the description of Fermina’s body as she was undressing with the author stating, “It was just as he had imagined it”. This shows us that despite Florentino’s knowledge of Fermina’s physical appearance he still found her desirable. The point we discussed was that love is stronger than anything, and when it comes to sex it is love that creates the attraction not appearance. From the discussion we generated from this topic I think that this is a very possible pathway for my final essay, looking at the relationship between love and sex, love and age and sex and age.
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