Reflective Report for Introduction to Financial Accounting

Topics: Balance sheet, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Asset Pages: 4 (1518 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Reflective Report
During the last term, i have had learned some knowledge from the subject called introduction to finical accounting. For me, this is the first time I had chance to learn this subject, before that I just heard some information about IFA by reading the FT newspaper and watching the news. When I start learning that, this subject gives me the impression that it is difficult to understand. During the past few months, I can say I already mastered some of the skills in IFA. I can still remember the first lecture I had learned was the definition of the “Accounting Equation”, I can conclude that the most important thing you must master is you should try to distinguish the meaning of the capital, assets and liability. Assets are economic resources of the business that are expected to bring benefits for the business in the future, the Important point is it can bring you benefits in the future instead of consuming at the end of the year. Capital, we can also called owners’ equity is the economic resources that was contributed by the owners of the business to the business. The last component is liability which is the name given to the amounts owing to these people or organizations for these assets. The format of the accounting equation is capital + liabilities = assets. When I learn this subject, I think the interesting part is the double entry which is the basic part of the whole subject. What I have learned is each transaction requires one debit entry and one credit entry and for each pair of entries: the left hand side must therefore equal right hand , only you know how to put the items into debit part or credit part can you prepare the account correctly. In my opinion, mastering this skill essentially is very necessary for my future careers. I think the future financial professional is not limited in numeracy skills. The reason is this area is requiring the accountant have ability to be able to explain and analyze the transactions, mastering numeracy...
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