Reflective Report

Topics: Learning styles, Citation, David A. Kolb Pages: 5 (2241 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Reflective Report
The purpose of this essay will be for me to analyse and reflect on my first year at the University Of Hull and look at how I have developed as a student. I will be reflecting on my strengths and weaknesses as a student in relation to theorists such as David Kolb (1984) to see how I how I fit into one of their styles and also I will be looking at the new skills that I have gained that I did not have in the past. I will also be looking at the major turning points that have changed me at university and also the areas that I could make improvements on. I will sum it all up in the conclusion at the end of my assignment. What learning style suits me Best

I was not sure at first what learning style suited me best at my first year of university because I think at times I fit into one of different learning styles. To find out I decided to analyse David Kolb’s (1984) learning styles model to find out the sort of leaner that I am. For David Kolbs model there are four learning styles that are very unique. The first are diverges which are leaner’s people who are able to look at things from a different perspective and are very sensitive. The second are assimilators who learn by taking things from a logical approach and take concepts and ideas more important than people and also need a clear explanation to things. The third are converges these learners use their learning to find solutions to practical issues and they can also solve problems. Lastly are the accommodators who like the hand on approach to everything and relies on intuition instead of logic. The first learning styles that suit me best for David Kolb’s (1984) learning style model would have to be the assimilating learner because I am the sort of learner that like to go to lectures and have lecturers explaining work to me clearly so I can understand and be able to carry out the task to perfection. I clear example was for an essay that I had to do for my culture unit of my degree, my lecturer explained to me clearly how I should carry out the assignment and to make sure I put all the theorists in the assignment. After my lecturer had explained it all to me I was able to carry out the assignment to the best of my abilities. The second learning style that suits me best for David Kolb’s (1984) learning style model is the diverger because there are times when I prefer to see things being done in the classroom before I can actually attempt to do it. A clear example was for the lifespan development unit of my degree where I had problems writing the main body of the work, so to get a better understanding of what to do my lecturer for that unit brainstormed different ideas of what to put in the main body and from there I was able carry out the assignment. What have I gained in my first year of University?

When I came to university there were a lot of techniques that I did not have but I have gained because they were a requirement for all assignments that I had to do. One technique that I did not know how to do was to reference in my work, because with the work that I had to do we had to reference so teachers will know the sources that we got the information from so I would not be marked down for plagiarism. I was thought to use the Harvard referencing system (1928) in all my assignment, with the Harvard referencing I must put a reference list for all the sources that I have used for example if I have used a specific book I must put the authors name, year the book was published, the title of the book, the place the book was published and the publishers name and a full stop must be placed at the end of the reference. At first I thought that the only section that a reference must be put is on the reference list which goes at the end of the essays but I discovered from past mistakes that a reference must be made in the main body of the assignments whenever I have put information that belongs to somebody else. Another technique that I did not...
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