Reflective Practise

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Reflective Practise

Feelings – what are my feelings

I had a really good feeling about the numeracy practise what I did with kids. Because they found it really entertaining,it was good fun for them too and if they can enjoy what they doing,it’s always lovely to work with them. They showed me such an enthusiasm and I felt great afterwards.

Evaluation – what was good and what was bad

They learned importance of shapes and patterns as well to have a fun in same time.So that is definitely positive for them and for myself. I think it was good how I explained them what they need to do,it is really important to get their attention at the beginning and show them what I want to see them doing. As soon as I got all their attention,everything went really well. What was bad I think was that I could explain better to one specific child,who can’t really talk properly yet and he needs extra attention when we doing something.

Analysis – what can I learn from the event

I definitely learnt from this event that when I am going to do something like this next time, I’ll be doing this type of practise with kids who needs extra attention on one –on-one as it will be easier for me to concentrate on specific child and once he gets the full attention,I am sure he won’t be struggling that much.

Conclusion – what could I have done better or in addition

I do think that apart from what I mentioned already about paying my full attention to kids with that little extra help what they needed,there were not much I could have done better.

Action plan – if it happens again,what will I do

If it does happens again,I will make sure that I will find time for that specific child,for example when there will be choosing time for them if they want to play inside or outside,I will tell this child that before he will chose what he want to do,I need to do something with him for a bit and once we will finish the practise he can go play what he will chose.And encourage him,I will...
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