Reflective Practice Theory

Topics: Learning, Research, Research and development Pages: 5 (1669 words) Published: August 26, 2012
1.0 Introduction
The concept of this reflective journal has led to my self-examination and reflecting back on the journey of exploring the different methods used in conducting business research. While doing so, I have brought myself into a realm in which the role of values in the research process becomes a topic of self-examination and issues that revolve around such concerns do indeed effect my development in many areas on a personal, academic, and professional level.

2.0 Learning experiences
Prior to the start of the literature review assignment, it never crossed my mind that there are critical steps to follow in order to get it done properly. The review was one of my first encounters leading to a solid understanding of the purpose of this coursework and its assignments. Throughout this business research coursework, I have been exposed to novel and creative ways that we as business people can let out internal thoughts regarding a particular issue or topic be put into writing. I would like to refer to this journey as a self examination, as I have come to understand that a research project involves experimentation in sourcing methodologies, good data, and thoughtful analysis. It is a new skill earned in being able to convey such information through a written report.

2.1 Learning experiences of Business Research
Like many working professionals out there, many face the need to write and present reports frequently. I for one have put to good use the suggestions and methods taught in this course through the report writing and presentation topic. Previously I have not taken into much consideration the usage of language in reports or presentations. Through this course, I have come to realize how important it is when it comes to using appropriate business words to put into a written report so as to put our work above others. Data analysis has also grabbed my attention as I have rarely used it in real work situations. However, through the hands-on exposure in this course and actual usage of graphic data has indeed eased the explanatory hurdles in one way or another. With the aid of useful tables and diagrams, it is able to further explain my points without the need for lengthy elaborations.

Overall, the flow of a report and visually engaging data play such an important role in engaging the reader to fully comprehend the entire report and help keep them focused on the topic along the way. As such, I am now able to keep in mind and put into practice these elements and processes, which is greatly beneficial for me in my workplace.

2.2 Learning processes of Business Research………………….. 4 Business research has put me though the difficulties of deciding where my sources should come from. It has led me from online data and journals to wandering through the bookshelves at the libraries. As much good information are now readily available online, it is still a feat to sieve through the numerous sources in selecting and determining, which are most ideal to be used as supporting materials. Having taking a good amount of hours in making my final selection of sources, the gruelling work in selecting the best information and details while maintaining focus of not going out of topic was probably the biggest challenge in business research. Similar to finding out what challenges that businesses are facing nowadays as part of my assignment. I have learned through the research exercise, even personal challenges as mentioned can also be dealt with by continuous research and experimenting different methods to best counter the problem or challenges.

2.3 Learning reasons of business research
I have learned that before a business conducts any research, whether it is simply to gather information or for something specific, the employee must have a set of objectives to guide the research. Without going through these processes, a good business research cannot be achieved, therefore diminishing the likelihood of attaining the goal of the...
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