Reflective Practice: Continuous Reviews, Evaluation and Planning Cycle

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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The setting is a great pace where reflective practice is developed. There are various benefits which are included in the setting regarding reflective practice, these are; continuous reviews and evaluation and planning cycle. The Gibs reflective cycle and Kolb cycle are examples this, these allow practitioners to receive the essential information about an individual. De’Bonos hats also highlight the same information without the cycle. Reflective practice identifies the individuals’ strengths which are paramount as it will allow the practitioner to build upon individuals’ goals and plan next steps so that an individual reaches their full potential. Weaknesses, reflective practice will highlight an individuals’ weakness, which is essential knowledge for the practitioner as it will allow them to make the change for an individuals’ development and undertake extra professional training if needed. Reflective practice benefits a setting as it has the skills to show the practitioner whether they need to adjust their practice, although most professionals will adjust to each individual learning styles so they each achieve and reach their fullest potential. D1:

Reflective practice ahs positive benefits on a practitioners’ wok and is able to improve your own performance. There are various ways in which I have improved my performance as a student practitioner these are: learning from mistakes. During my experiences at work placement I learnt from a mistake I made which was; not planning the groups of children for an activity which i had planned. The next activity i done had groups of children and was more organised, I used the reading groups that the children were in so when i called a colour the children knew which group was ready for the activity. During my placement at Gweaun Miskin and Llantrisant Pr I was able to recognise my various strengths when working with children, i believe that my strongest strength is working with children who require extra help. Working...
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