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Topics: Patient, Health care, Health care provider Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: October 19, 2011
A needle stick injury is one of the biggest threats facing health care professionals in the care settings. Personally I would not like to be a Phlebotomist or a Dialysis nurse as they have a great risk of needle stick injury due to their job descriptions. As a nurse I am well aware of the risks we face each day and as a result we must face obstacles and fears when we go to work. This reflection is carried out utilizing the Gibbs cycle. What happened?

At present I work in a high dependency unit which has critically ill medical patients. On one of my twelve hour shifts I received a care of a patient who had end stage primary lung cancer with bony metastasis. Due to her advanced disease process, a family meeting had taken place where treatment of care was discussed. A decision was reached by the family and medical team that their mother would no longer have invasive medication intervention, and would not be for resuscitation in the event of cardiac arrest. Due to her condition a subcutaneous morphine pump was commenced. When I was assessing the patient I checked the pump site for any signs of redness or swelling, unfortunately the needle from the pump had become dislodged from the patient and pricked my middle finger. Feelings

Initially I was surprised and shocked over what happened. Although I had been a nurse for few years, this was the first time something like this had happened to me. I quickly pulled off my gloves and squeezed my finger and washed it under the tap. I asked one of my co workers to care for my patients while I dealt with the crisis. As it occurred on day I was send down to Occupational Health Department where bloods were drawn. I remained very distraught for the rest of the shift and even when I went home I was unable to focus on my family as I was devastated over what happened. I kept thinking what would my family do if I contacted some disease and wondered why it had happened to me. Fortunately for me I received good news that my blood...
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