Reflective Paper "Faith Like Potatoes"

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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Faith Like Potatoes

Angus Buchan was a person who did not believe in God, did not trust others and did not accept help from others because he wanted to do everything by himself. He had emptiness in his heart; he was always stressed, angry, mad and rude to others. The life of Angus was a big mess. But one day the miracle has happened when he went to the church and heard one man sharing his life story. From that point, his life has turned upside down. Angus built relationship with God, invited God into his life, gave God his life and let Him do changes. Angus personality has changed drastically for the better, and most importantly he had a strong faith in everything what he did and he believed that God would help him. God helped him to over come all the struggles and problems that pressed his shoulders, as well as made him many miracles.

Praying was one of the religious expressions in the workplace showed in the movie. Angus was praying God for help while he was working. He was encouraging others to pray and they prayed all together to God: for the rain they needed, deliverance from the violence and murders, peace in the land and hearts and blessing. People, as one big family, were praying before seeding the potatoes, during four months while they were growing and before harvest. Moreover, at the end of the movie another religious expression was introduced. Angus was teaching kids about the faith and trust in God: “Your faith in God must be like that (big potatoes) – it must be real”.

After watching this movie, it gets hard to name one importance of work. From my point of view, there is no only one importance of work – there are many of them. Work gives us money and food, which are vital for human’s well-being and life. Work gives us friends and team to work with, in such way work becomes easier and more pleasant. For example, in the beginning of the movie it was shown how Angus was struggling with the stump and that he was cursing the...
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