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  • Published : February 7, 2012
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Final Class Memo

English 102 Rhetoric and Composition II is one class that I truly enjoyed, because not only did it have assignments that were very world related, but also had very structured and were assigned with very distinct instructions. Even with such great amount of instruction one assignment I had great difficulties with was the editorial analysis because continually in efforts of writing the paper I as a author got too carried away by the topic and concentration in the analysis was overwhelmed by the personal stance in the given issue.

As I reflect upon all the compositions that I have written, I can confidently say one of my favorites was the final research paper, because it allowed me o write about something I as a author had interest in and feel very strongly about, which was a great incentive to work to my fullest potential, to produce a phenomenal piece of writing.

If given a choice on assignment I would like to modify, is the advertiment anyalisis, because I feel the requirements for the particular assignments were very vague and made it really difficult for the student to understand, how the specific professor expects, and how much freedom is actually givent o the author for the particular composition.

English 101 and English 102 are two courses which help a student get a complete gist of college English in the terms when taken in conjunction. English 101 compositions are more based upon creativity, and gives the student to introduce themselves to the professor through there compositions, gives a greater scope for imagination, help the student progress as a writer. In comparison to English 102 which teaches the same student to step away from the imagination and creativity and compose some very structured compositions.

Listing five things that I as a student has learned from this following course, would be as follows, to concentrate on the article but put more emphasis on what is written between the lines; to write to the point and...
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