Reflective Journal1— My Reflection on Shaping People’s Behaviors

Topics: Psychology, Human behavior, Adult Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Subject: Introduction to psychology (APSS 111)
Topic: Reflective Journal1— My reflection on shaping people’s behaviors

It is common to see that different responses towards one situation. For example, when there is rubbish on the road, some passers-by would pick it up and throw it to the rubbish bin but some would not. Why do people have different behaviors? Actually, there are diversified factors influencing people’s behaviors. According to B.F. Skinner’s view, he suggests that people’s behavior have conditioning and response tendencies and would be determined by the environment. I totally agree with his point since many people would not do something if he/she is in crowd. For instance, people would not clean their nostril by fingers in front of the others. However, they would do it at home or there is no person around. Besides, I think the environment is a vital factor shaping one’s personalities which lead to people’s behavior. Like siblings natured by the same family, because they have different experiences outside home, they would have different responses tackling the same situation. In my family, I have two brothers. The youngest brother would speak foul language while he feels angry and anxious. However, another brother never shouts dirty words. Although they live in the same family, they behave totally differently in anger and anxiety. Some psychologists explain that this is because of the non-shared environment. I think this planation is really true because in a non-shared environment, people will experience differently, meet different people and encounter in unlike situations. In addition, peer influence is another vital factor to change one’s behavior. Since people receive education in school, the time they get along with friends is longer than family members. So, people would tend to imitate their group mates’ behaviors in order to seek the sense of belonging in the group. For example, in a university, there are lots of organizations....
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