Reflective Journal on Human Resource Development

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  • Published : May 11, 2011
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Delahaye and Smith (1998) point out that humans are visual animals and it has been shown that we take in about 80% of our information through sight and about 10% through hearing. The use of multiple sense learning means combining all the sense, although in reality educators are advised to concentrate on designing appropriate and effective visual aids. Therefore, as a result of this information, in our facilitation exercise we ensured we incorporated this style of learning through various visual aids. These included a YouTube video, written instructions and a group member presenting a demonstration to the class all with regards to origami. All of these incorporated some sort of visualisation because as adult learners we all learn differently and take in information in various ways.


In preparation to our presentation, we have implemented the four stages of HRD which is mentioned by Delahaye (2005).

1. The Investigation Stage – is a stage that methods and strategies are used to identify the needs in the presentation through communication. We came together as a group and brainstormed the different types of topic that we could use to present to the class. We all came up with different types of topic but we all agreed to present the topic about origami as we saw that this was the best fit for adult learners like ourselves. It was plain and simple and also fun.

2. The Design Stage – is a stage that planning and design for the presentation are involved. We all decided on what our plan for the presentation would be. What we needed to include in our presentation and all the tools that were necessary for our presentation. We came up with instructions on how to fold a simple origami Easter box. We also decided various types of ways we can instruct others on how to fold an origami.

3. The Implementation Stage – is a stage which identify “who”, “when”, “what” and “how” the presentation is...
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