Reflective Journal (Listening)

Topics: English language, Interview, BBC Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: December 5, 2012
LS13707 Advanced Listening and Speaking Skills
Reflective Journal
1) Interview of native English speakersDate: 2nd October, 2012

As there is a group presentation on an analysis of different accents, I have to interview two native English speakers with my classmates. We interviewed three people whom are an American, a British and a Sweden.

Accents in different countries are various. I am more comfortable in listening British English. So, when I was interviewing the American and Sweden, I felt more difficult to comprehend what they were talking about. I needed to pay more attention, even jotted notes, when they were talking.

Also, I am used to speak too quickly when I am nervous. As the result, I often use wrong intonation and rhythm. The interviewees might not understand clearly what I was asking. So, I need to pay more attention my talking speed and pronunciation.

2) BBC One Minute World News BulletinDate: 18th October, 2012

There are several bulletins on the BBC website. The video I choose is called “Close-up on Japan's amazing lunchboxes” which is a brief introduction of Japanese children’s lunchboxes.

The reporter speaks quite fast. I replayed four times to understand what he is talking. Sometime, linking and elision are included in the spoken speech, such as “pick of” and “like a”. I was confused because I could not identify these words. So I used the skill of jotting notes which learnt from the lessons when I was listening. It is useful for understanding the video.

3) English language songDate: 14th November, 2012

“Eternal Frame” is a song by The Bangles. It is a love song everyone must hear. The theme of the song is to praise love. Its melody is very beautiful.

I can learn rhetoric from the song which is useful for our speaking and writing, such as metonymy. The writer used “eternal frame” and “Subside” to describe the love and the lovers. On the other hand, anaphora is included in the...
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