Reflective Journal for Simulation Experience

Topics: Learning, Performance, Feeling Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: October 5, 2011

Going to the Simulation lab always evokes some sort of tensed feeling for me due to the fact that I feel like being analyzed critically by my professors and instructors. This is more difficult and stressful because I imagine being on stage performing to an audience who know far more than you do you the extent that your mistakes would never escape their eagle eyes. Despite these kinds of feelings, I felt this sim lab was an improvement of my performance in terms of having the composure to make informed decisions. This happened to be second time of playing the role of a primary nurse but my first in playing a combined role of primary/treatment nurse. I could see a big improvement in my assessment skills even though I couldn’t complete a full body assessment. I was also able to effectively communicate with my team members, the patient and the family member.

Even though I inserted a Foley catheter for the patient, I broke the sterile field during the process. This was bad since it has the danger of exposing the patient to infection. Because I could insert the Foley easily without repositioning the mannequin, I forgot to position the patient well before the Foley insertion. I also could not do a proper massage of the patient’s fundus even though I perfectly know the rationale and implication for performing the fundal massage. I felt comfortable most of the time during the scenario except when I knew I had broken the sterile field during the catheter insertion.

Given the opportunity to play a role in this scenario again, I would make sure I perform all skills efficiently to the best of my ability. I know very well that I need to perfect my Foley catheter skill. It is sometimes difficult to perform such a skill to be evaluated even when you know how to do it. This experience was really good for me since exposed my strengths and weaknesses. I learnt to be calm, keep a level head and perform every skill...
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