Reflective Journal Distant Neighborhood

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Jayshree Jain
In-class Writing Assignment
School code: 4784
8th April, 2013.

What role does time and memory play in the work?
“Time travelling”
Who hasn’t dreamt of going back to their childhood? But who has actually made through it? In “A Distant Neighborhood” by Jiro Taniguchi, I would say that the main plot of the story began by the factor called Time travelling. Time travelling is a concept of moving between two different points or time. Time travelling could hypothetically involve moving or travelling backward in time to a moment which has been experienced earlier or to a moment earlier than the starting point, or it could also involve travelling or moving forward, into the future of that point without the need to experience the time gap in the middle. In this novel, Hiroshi Nahakara is a forty year old salesman who had been returning to Tokyo after his work. Since he had been returning from his work, he was tired and he boarded his train at Kyoto’s enormous station. He felt asleep and on awakening he discovered that he had been travelling backwards in time to a moment which he had already experienced earlier, he realized that he was travelling back to his town where he was bough up, not Tokyo where he actually wanted to travel. He felt strange for a moment, but later the memories of his mother surface were recalled and he realized that he had the same age as her when she passed away. For a moment he felt that it was his dream and that how could travelling back into the time be possible? However, he tried to convince himself that he is asleep and that as soon as he awakens he’ll be alright. At arriving in Kurayoshi he was drawn to the cemetery to his mother’s grave. It was late afternoon and he had been transported to the time when he was 14 year old boy, but with all the adult memories in fact. He had all the opportunities to change the future. One question popped up in my mind while I was reading the novel which is that, will he change his...
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