Reflective Journal

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Access to Higher Education Diploma

Task 1

Describe knowledge and qualities acquired through past experiences in your previous school or at work.

Throughout the past years of work and school experience I have come across acquiring a wide spectrum of diverse skills in different areas of profession, from which I found myself a quick learner and a committed one.


• Computer skill development

• People skills

• Time Management

• Planning and organisation

• The ability to take good notes and report writing skills

• Preparation and assimilation of data

• Decision making


• Finding a time and place to study

• Having a calm attitude

• Organisational skills

• Ability to work effectively with others within a team and on my own initiative.

• To be committed and motivated to studying seriously

• Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

These are just a few to name.

Time Management, as an ex social worker I had to organise my personal life and work life effectively in order to meet deadlines, using my diary and advance planning. I was keen to ensure that targets were met under limited resources and time constraints. I ensured that I was on time for appointments or if I couldn't 't make it I would contact the relevant people and reorganise the dates and times. I acted responsibly and where possible I arranged for cover in my absence if required. Thus making my work more effective especially as I was dealing with people who were to some extent dependant on my intervention with them.

People Skills

Effective talking and listening, more concentration on what I had to say and how to communicate it better. This was done by letter writing, group work, presentations, attending and chairing meetings.

Report writing, assessments, counselling skills were honed in my many interactions with clients and other things such as adapting the tone and pace of my voice to match the situation and person.

I also developed an awareness of my body language, from sitting down in a relaxed open manner, as opposed to standing up which could be perceived as a more intimidating and aggressive stance.

1.2 Describe factors to affect ability to study effectively

Lack of time

Juggling family and academic commitments effectively

Not understanding what has been taught

Lack of money

Working full time and part time

Not having a designated corner to study

Lack of motivation and commitment

Inability to use word processing, computer/internet

Inability to review and research material ( study skills)

Not being able to self directed and self aware, in identifying and addressing their own strengths and areas for development.

1.2 Analyse factors likely to affect ability to study effectively

Not understanding what has been taught.

Many things could come under this factor for example English not being your first language. Learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, sensory or physical impairment. Also it could be affected by bad teaching methods, bad communication, lack of handouts and lack of visual stimulation.

Reflective learning is an active process that takes time and practice to perfect . It involves thinking through issues, asking questions and seeking out new information and perspectives to help understanding. It works best when you think about your actions and experiences both during and after the event, and then look back at the past with view to the future. Williams, J. (2010): 65.

Not having a designated corner to study and place books and writing pads can impact on concentration and not being able to focus. Other distractions such as other family members, the phone, video games, TV, noise. Not taking short breaks and recharging....
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