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RJ2 – Broadening your Experience by working with other Specialists The experience of year 1 PGCE enabled me to understand the importance of understanding how learners need to be enthused by the subject and the context of my teaching. I recognise although I understand my subject area, as a part-time lecturer, it is beneficial to draw on experiences of lecturers and teaching staff who have been in education and academia for longer and have other backgrounds and knowledge. What I have pro-actively tried to do is participate in the discussions regarding student groups and what other peers do to motivate, engage and ensure differentiation within their sessions.

Avis et al in “Teaching in Lifelong Learning” was a useful book which has provided me with practical teaching guidance on classroom sessions and what I can do to improve my delivery to students. I have drawn on this resource and it has assisted me with discussing with my peers in the PGCE sessions about what is beneficial to learners and what can be detrimental within a classroom environment. By engaging in these types of debates within PGCE it has given me additional confidence to contribute when in the Higher Education arena with colleagues. In year 1, due to my lack of experience I felt reticent to share comments about how I felt I could inspire learners and contribute to their enthusiasm. In contrast this year I have felt a more active part of the team. This has been further evidenced by me trying to insert new teaching assessments and techniques for example: the snowball event which has been referred to in PDP4. The observations which I undertook to assist with PDP2 have demonstrated further how a tutor should take risks with their delivery and be encouraged to try new approaches. When observing the HND class, although many of the techniques may have been considered basic, the students clearly enjoyed the interaction and the opportunity to be integrated in the session. Feedback from my second...
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