Reflective Journal

Topics: Communication, Learning, Writing Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Reflective Journal

First of all I would like to thank to my group mates for accepted me to be one of the group mate. At first I did not know any of them. It is quite stressful yet challenging. Until the first meeting we had, a week before, they were prepared and working seriously but in such friendly manner to me. I feel better after knowing them and started feel enjoyable to do the business report with seriously effort manner. Before doing the business report, I wonder why we have to do this business report, I asked myself. After gone through for the interview and completed the writing business report, I totally found out the objectives of business report; it is more about how examine available and potential solutions to a problem, provide recommendations for future action and show concise and clear communication skills. Furthermore, I expected to have an interview with an IT company. This is because I am interested on IT products and also their business operation process. So I have fulfilled my expectation by conducted interview with the One Garget IT director. After the interview, we continue doing the work that has distributed in order to complete it more efficiently. When there is any difficulty, we will continue contact each other on Facebook group. We will remind when there is any update from our tutor. Not only Facebook, we use whatapp in mobile phones or iPad when we are away from computers or we attending separate classes. This is how we use the tools to be more creative and work effectively. Moreover, I am doing internal and external communication of the organization, why am I expect for doing this is because I felt interested on how was the organization communicate to grow their business well. After I gone through the interview that conducted with One garget IT’s director, I have understood the communication of internal and external is very important in every organization. I have learned how is the way of the organization to do for external and...
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