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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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As a business student, Organizational Behaviour subject is utmost important. It gives me many benefits, either in my daily basis or for my future. What I have learned for the six weeks of the course has prompted me to initiate theories of managing and working together with people to achieve the same goals. I had an enormous interest in learning, creativity, and motivation chapter. I learnt how to lead and motivate people with creativeness. One of the OB theories which I can apply in my daily life is positive reinforcement. I have worked as a kindergarten teacher for few months. For instance, some children did not want to do their class activity, with positive reinforcement theory; I encouraged them to do it, I praised them with positive words like “If you do your work, your parents will be proud of you”. The other way is by cheering them to do their tasks or showing my care and love to them. Finally, they do and enjoy their tasks with pleasure. Furthermore, I also motivated my students with promised them a reward. For example: I told them to do their homework and if they do so, I will give them a reward which is candies or even a star at their homework’s book. As the result, every student did their homework. It has shown me, how organizational behaviour could successfully been applied in my daily life. Another interesting chapter for me is about personality. I was required to attempt a personality test. It stated me as extroverted person; it means I love to be around with people. It helps to know myself better, especially to decide on my future career like what workplace I would like to enter in. Hence, it helps me to understand the diversity of people’s personality. In conclusion, organizational behaviour subject helps me to get involves with other people easily. Besides that, it also helps me to evaluate myself and gives me guidance for my future.

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